Today a smartphone is not merely a communications tool. It is a mobile personal office you have on the go. Loss, failure of theft of the mobile phone can result in loss of contacts, documents, appointments, or even worse – your passwords, photos and other personal data.

Most modern phones support the remote formatting function – an owner can log in, click the button, and lost / stolen phone will delete all information from the disk. But it doesn’t solve the lost data issue.

So far, all attempts to mainstream smartphone data backup services have failed – such services are too sophisticated, expensive and often lack reliability.

One of the ways to solve the problem is the software constantly running in the background to duplicate everything from the phone to a special cloud service.

In case of phone loss, all gathered data remain available online going far beyond the contact list to cover virtually all device activities.

For example, any phone call is not only stored in the call history (call type, caller’s number, date and time), but is recorded (and may be listened to or saved). Besides, the place from where this call is made is saved.

If you’ve lost your phone, all you have to do is to log in and have a look at where the place is within the accuracy of one meter.

If the phone is lost, it become’s thief’s problem. Recording calls, text messages, MMSs, social networking, ongoing geo location and regular shots from the smartphone camera. If a law breaker changes the phone SIM card, the software sends the notice to the cloud informing of the number and IMEI of a new SIM card.

To start using this software, you have to install a special application onto your phone and set up phone data upload to the user’s online profile.

After this, the application starts duplicating all device activities to your profile.

To install the application to the phone, you need to have physical access to this phone.

  1. Open
  2. Click Signup free.
  3. Enter your e-mail and invent your password. Click Create account.
  4. You’ll be navigated to the online panel. Click Add Device.
  5. In Android line, you’ll see the link to the application download and link to the detailed installation instruction.
  6. Open the instruction and prepare your phone for installation the way it is described.
  7. Download the application and install it onto your phone finishing with entering your email and the account password you've made up earlier.

From now on, the phone will regularly define its location (using GPS signal, identified Wi-Fi networks and location of the cell towers). All gathered information is shown in the online panel in

You can log in from any device that has Internet access – whether it's PC, tablet or another phone.

The online panel has Settings tab you can use to specify how often the phone is to define its location and to send the data to the profile. In most cases, the frequency of 10 – 20 minutes is enough, but you may state any interval you prefer.